Thursday, July 23, 2009

Potty training

Yay!!! It's finally going somewhere. I'm ecstatic that the girls are running to their potty chairs when it's time to go. We've been potty training for quite some time now with not much progress UNTIL THIS WEEK !!! Yay!!!! I am literally jumping for joy every time they go and so do they. What a milestone we've (almost) reached....not completely...not just yet but we're on our way. Erin loves to shout, "I di-yit, I di-yit!"(I did it) while I am jumping with her to celebrate each success. Faith seems more nonchalant about the whole process. Both girls love their Ariel and Belle underwear. After hearing about a fellow triplet mom who returned an unused box of diapers because her kids were potty trained in 10 days, I was challenged to make some progress with our girls soon. We've been at home all week to potty train and the only time we put diapers on them was at bedtime. Yay!! Will keep you updated on our further progress. All the mothers reading this, any helpful advice would be appreciated !

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