Sunday, March 29, 2009

Elyse Design & Events

Our Elyse continues to inspire and move hearts. If you can think back to our journey with Elyse and the many bone marrow drives spearheaded by so many compassionate friends....Kayti Chung from Renewal Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia rallied 147 people to register as bone marrow donors. She is set to open "Elyse Design & Events," an event planning business along with a Cafe named in Elyse's honor. She started a blog to update everyone up to the grand opening event which we'll be attending on April 1st. Please check it out. This is what Kayti had to say on one of her posts,

"As we were shopping for furniture -- the first question they ask you is.. is this for your home? -- It gave an open invitation to talk about "Elyse: Design & Events".. Who is Elyse?

Some of you may remember.. Elyse Yu aka Baby Elyse. I "met" Elyse through a prayer request through FB -- being that she had my "baby name" -- I started to read the "Pray for Elyse" campaign. Something at the time.. struck me.. and urged me to do something. This "something" was a conviction and also guidance from Christ directing me to use my skills, networking, and heart to help Elyse.

Through Elyse's journey -- I was able to come closer with Christ.. and build a relationship with Him. She was my inspiration to do more than just simply .. do. Even though we never spoke.. holding her.. and seeing the strength in her eyes.. was enough taht she was truly a sweet child of God. And also even more.. the ongoing journey of Tim and Susan (Elyse's amazing parents) -- is truly a testimony of TRUST and FAITH in our Father.

There are specifics that I will be sharing at the GO Event.. so I wont here. :)"

Before Elyse was admitted for BMT, Kayti visited us at home. Kayti held her, played with her and even fed her cereal. Tim and I are so glad that we now have the opportunity to visit Kayti in her hometown.

Well, we'll be flying to Philly on Tuesday with Faith and Erin. We have no idea how they'll do on the flight but we're set to leave on Tuesday and will return on Friday. We're ready with snacks, DVD player, new toys (the dollar store is our best friend for trips like this), books, and lollipops. We'll pull out a surprise perhaps every 1/2 hour as needed hopefully before a tantrum sets in. I'm expecting some level of cabin fever for the girls but I'm hoping that it won't be too bad being prepared for the worst. We're hoping that the stopovers on both flights will help also.

We'll take lots of pictures and will post them asap.

We're asking for your prayers for a safe trip to Philly and back to CA.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Light at the End of the Tunnel

What "light" and "tunnel" are you referring might be asking?? Well, for the past two months now...I think it's about two months...we lost track after a few weeks....with Erin's nighttime wakings at exactly 4am every night, our patience and endurance have been tested. maybe that sounds a little too dramatic but tim and i have been running on empty...well...without one good night's rest in the past two months. i was reminded of the first few months after the girls were born and wondered how we managed to function during the day. one thing i do remember very clearly is that my short-term memory was shot. what someone said 5 minutes ago, i just couldn't remember. well, here i am two years later...still sleep-deprived and lately my short-term memory hasn't been stellar either. so, the first week she continued to wake up, we tried to console her and put her back in her crib. soon afterwards, we just didn't have the endurance to continue this late-night ritual of going into their room, picking her up and holding her until she's soundly asleep. we just picked her up and brought her into our bed where she slept very comfortably, i imagine, between me and Tim....while i'm being kicked in the eye and not sleeping very well at all. so, to make a long story short...monday night, we didn't see an end to this habit if we continued to bring her into our room. so, as painful as it was...we decided to let her cry it out at 2am. it was pure torture. tim was just too exhausted and slept through all the screaming and crying. i tried my best to ignore it but couldn't. besides i had to standby in case Faith woke up. Erin cried for 2 hours and Faith didn't even wake up. i'm thankful for that. tuesday night, she woke up at 1am and cried for 2 hours. i was going in and out of sleep during those two hours but tim was up the whole time. again, Faith didn't even flinch. last night, perhaps, was a turning point b/c she slept through the night !!! yippee!!! sadly, i can't say the same thing for me. i was so used to waking up at night that i was up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep rather quickly. i'm hoping and praying that i can get a solid night's sleep tonight and at least for a couple more nights.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Vasquez Rocks

Some time ago, we took our girls to Vasquez Rocks. It's a park with unique rock formations as you can see in the pictures. Tim and I have been here before and it's just a really tranquil place to hike through. You can see Erin and Faith hiking through the very rough terrains of Vasquez Rocks...:)