Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One trying week

Last week was a bit of a trying week. Monday...Faith spiked a fever with no other symptoms. Tuesday...took her in to see the doctor. Doctor's orders were to continue giving Tylenol to bring her fever down. He mentioned that it could possibly be Roseola, a very common childhood viral infection. But this couldn't be confirmed unless her fever subsides after 3 days and then a rash appears. Wednesday...fever wouldn't break so Tim gave Faith a bath to cool her temp. When we took her out of the tub, her lips and fingertips were blue and she was shivering. We called her doctor and the nurse told us to take her to urgent care right away. After looking her over and listening to us, the doc. said that her temp. cooled down too quickly and that next time we should use a wet towel to cool her body. Her color came back and we were relieved but her fever was still a mystery. The urgent care doc. suggested giving her Motrin and Tylenol to combat her fever. By Thursday, we were hoping that her fever would break but it didn't. Her ped. wasn't available so we saw another doc. who examined her very thoroughly. Diagnosis: a viral infection - an exanthem of some sort. By Thursday night, Tim and I had been up multiple times every night since Monday. I'd say we were pretty exhausted. As much as we hoped that Faith wouldn't be seriously ill, we were haunted by the memories of the first week Elyse got sick. Friday morning...we thought that her fever finally broke until she spiked another fever in the morning and a rash appeared mainly on her trunk, arms, neck and face. When I called the doc., he wanted to see her again. This time, he wanted to do a blood test. This whole pattern since Monday was all too familiar to me and my heart just sunk when he ordered a CBC and a hepatic panel (checking liver enzymes). As many of you already know, at the onset of HLH...common symptoms are enlarged liver and spleen and high fever. The doc. told me that the results will be available stat. He called me with the results: white blood cells a bit low and one of the liver enzymes was a bit high but platelets, red cells were all normal. After consulting an Infectious Disease specialist, the doc. called me back. He said that those lab results are typical of a common viral infection. We discussed what Elyse's initial lab results looked like for the sake of comparison. He reminded me that Elyse's liver enzymes were out of control. Listening to the doc. quelled my worries about Faith. We were to take Faith into urgent care on Saturday if she continued to have fever. At 11pm, she spiked yet another fever. We quickly gave her Motrin and Tylenol. I was sitting in front of my computer doing some research on fevers, rashes, viruses, etc. and I decided to chart Faith's symptoms since Monday. As much as we wouldn't want to see Faith admitted, I knew that we were possibly headed that direction if her fever continued through the next day. So I wanted to be ready and organized to speak with the doctors. Well, she slept through the night and her fever FINALLY broke ! We couldn't be more relieved, to say the least. Our ped. called on Saturday to follow up. We were glad to give him a positive update on Faith. He wanted to repeat the blood test to ensure that liver enzyme and WBC returns to normal. So we took her in on Monday. The phlebomotist was excellent and found a good vein rather quickly...(this always makes it somewhat bearable to see your child poked with a needle). Results are pending. The doc. should be calling us with the results tomorrow. Faith looks great and is back to her old self...playing peek-a-boo, laughing and sharing toys with Erin.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Disciplining your kids

I wanted to share this article with moms and dads:

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