Monday, January 21, 2008

Turning One

Sorry for the double blog entry, especially when they have two very different tones. Faith and Erin's first birthday is stirring a lot of emotions in us. We are so happy to be celebrating Faith and Erin's birthday, but the memories of Elyse simply makes us cry to know that she did not live long enough to see this day.

Memories of Elyse have been visiting me more often these days. Especially when I am driving alone or in the evening when the sounds and distractions of the world fade away. I guess Susan and I put our "game faces" on during the holidays to get through the craziness, but now the hustle and bustle is settling down and the reminder of what happened is slowly sinking in again. We are doing a lot better than 2 months ago, but the pain of our loss is still fresh as you may have read in Susan's blog entry.

I find myself wondering what Elyse would be doing now as I see Erin sitting up on her own and as I see Faith cautiously balancing herself and preparing for her first step. A part of me tells God that this is so unfair, but another part is comforted as I remember that Elyse is alive in heaven with her true Father. This must be one of the most powerful things about having faith in Jesus, that we do not truly die, but we will all be reunited with our loved ones someday (1 Corinthians 15:35-58).

I've read two books on the subject of losing a child and I am currently reading my third book. It is comforting to get a strong Christian's point of view on losing a child and I wonder when I will be able to give such a powerful testimony. I know that there is a time for everything under the sun and it is a time to cry for now, but what a comfort we have in Jesus!


A Message in a Bottle

Faith and Erin's birthday is just around the corner and we wanted to do something memorable for them. We searched the net and found and interesting idea to give them a message in a bottle from friends and family members (including our blog family), which they will read on their 18th birthday (2025).

Please give us your messages by commenting to this blog. It can be a poem, drawing, bible verse or a link to your youtube video (if you think that it will still be there 17 years from now). We will print your messages with your name and include them in the bottle.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Gift of Comfort


I received the most thoughtful and comforting gift from Lisa Ager, a mom of five (identical triplets and two older children WOW!). Lisa heard about our journey a few months ago through a local triplet group in northern California and have been following Elyse's story ever since. When Lisa heard about our story, she wanted to purchase a necklace with our girls' names on it. Coincidentally, a new member of the triplet group started a business called Very Swank ( and she and her partner wanted to so generously donate a necklace. I received the necklace in the mail the day before Christmas. As I was opening the package, I could not hold back the flood of tears. Looking at the beautifully engraved letters "f-a-i-t-h" and "e-r-i-n" and then "e-l-y-s-e", I was filled with sadness that I could no longer look into her eyes or have her near me....for now, that is. I went through my usual cycle of emotions when I'm reminded of Elyse. Ever since Elyse was called to heaven, I've been feeling such an overwhelming emptiness in the space in my heart that Elyse occupied. When I put on the necklace and saw the three names side by side, I realized that the gap in my heart will take some time to heal but I can always keep her together with Faith and Erin close to my heart. Thank you for this very special gift of comfort, Lisa and Very Swank!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.

As we look back at 2007, it feels like we've gained 5 years in life-experience and aged that much in the process. We've climbed to the highest mountain and walked through the "Valley of Shadow of Death" and found that Our Shepherd was waiting for us in both places. What comfort we have in His presence. We also found our friends there also and we would like to thank you all for taking the journey with us.

We've read that time will heal our wounds and though this is generally true, there is something that heals deeper than time. It is the knowledge that there is a place beyond this world called heaven and we can all enter through Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

With Elyse's Home-Going, Heaven has become more real to us and death has truly lost it's sting. We have a new perspective on death and heaven (read 1 Corinthians 15). It is not the end, but the begining of eternity in a perfect place with a loving Father. We have a precious daughter waiting for us when we are called to go to our eternal home. This may sound strange to those who have not experienced what we have, but I can't wait to go (don't worry, we are not get the idea). In the end, we will have clear answers to our "Why Questions." Or, we may just say "Why of course that's why" when we simply see Jesus for the first time as the Pastor of Zig Ziggler stated in the book "Confessions of a Grieving Christian."

Faith and Erin are 11 months now and we are amazed at how each of them are developing by the day. They are understanding words and associating certain motions to them. They are a joy to be around and we love them dearly. We hope to be good parents to the both of them. Thank you for your continued prayers and visits to this blog site. It is comforting to park myself here for a while, it almost feels like I'm visiting with friends while I am here.

I hope that 2008 will be memorable and full of goodness and blessing for all of you. Thank you and Happy New Year once again.